Celebrating Georgia’s legends, landmarks and unsung heroes

Georgia Music Foundation

The Georgia Music Foundation works to foster an appreciation for the state’s rich music heritage through programs of preservation, education and outreach. In 2014, the Foundation will continue to develop and strengthen partnerships to facilitate initiatives that fulfill its mission goals and promote Georgia music. Priorities include:

Preservation: The Georgia Music Foundation works closely with the University of Georgia Special Collections Libraries to provide stewardship for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame collection of artifacts and media. The Foundation will work with UGA to fund a project archivist in 2014.

Education: The Georgia Music Foundation will continue to explore ways to most effectively support programs that provide opportunities for students and youth to engage with and participate in music programs. The Foundation will also continue its support of Georgia music research and study programs conducted by the Joseph R. Johnson Scholarship recipient at the University of West Georgia Public History Center.

Outreach: The Georgia Music Foundation has published and underwritten Georgia Music magazine since 2007; the magazine originally debuted in 2007. The goal for 2014 is to increase the digital and social media presence of the magazine and ensure that the strong content that is produced by a stable of talented writers reaches as many new audiences as possible.

How to Support the Georgia Music Foundation:

Donate online via georgiamusicfoundation.org.

Mailing address is:  Georgia Music Foundation, P. O. Box 78850, Atlanta, Georgia 30357

Look for details to be announced soon on the 2014 Just An Old Sweet Song Music Industry Dinner to benefit the Georgia Music Foundation. The inaugural event in January 2013 featured speakers including Governor Nathan Deal and Ludacris, with performers including Luke Bryan, the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet and the Albany Civil Rights Institute Freedom Singers.


Organized as a 501(c)3 in 1994, the Georgia Music Foundation spent its first decade working exclusively with the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon to cultivate the museum’s permanent collection of artifacts and media. In 2006, the Foundation, along with Fred and Dinah Gretsch, endowed the Joseph R. Johnson Scholarship at the University of West Georgia for graduate students in the Public History program to research and document the musical heritage of the state. In 2007, the Foundation acquired and began publishing Georgia Music, a quarterly magazine dedicated to celebrating the state’s legends, landmarks and unsung heroes. Now approaching its third decade, the Georgia Music Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs that preserve the past, provide learning opportunities and plan for a future where music generates even greater economic, educational and cultural benefits throughout the state of Georgia.


The Georgia Music Foundation is governed by a volunteer seven-member board of directors who share a passion for music and a pledge to fiduciary responsibility. The current Board of Directors includes:

Dallas Davidson, Chair
Nashville, Tennessee

Karla Redding-Andrews, Vice-Chair
Co-Manager, Otis Redding Estate &
Big “O” Youth Educational Dream Foundation
Macon, Georgia

Charlie Gatlin, Secretary-Treasurer
Special Projects Consultant
Georgia Department of Economic Development
Atlanta, Georgia

Wycliffe Gordon
Jazz Trombonist, Composer, Educator & Arranger
New York City, New York

Dinah Gretsch
CFO, The Gretsch Company
Founder, Mrs. G’s Music Foundation
Savannah, Georgia

George Fontaine, Jr.
Manager, New West Records & Normaltown Records
Athens, Georgia

Amantha Walden
Director of Music, Cartoon Network
Los Angeles, California

For more information, visit georgiamusicfoundation.org.